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212                                       FLOHA   INDICA.

Prunus insititia.                        Marrubium vulgare.

Potentilla reptans.                      Salix jpi&rpurea.

         grandiflora.                         rulra.


Of the following list of eastern forms somo may no doubt
be discovered in Marri/ and even further west, in Afghani-
T^^c\3^mpauciftorum.                 Cotoneaster wicrophylla.
        foliolosim.                   Eubus rosafolius.
Anemone rupicola.                                parvifolius.
      ntpestris.                       Potentilla desertorum.
      rivularis.                                     argyropliylla.
Eammculus liirtellus.                    Spinea cancscens,
Delphinium derwdatim.                 Osmothamnusym^nw*.
          incanum.                     Salix elegans.
          ranunculifolium.          Elseagnus parvifolia.
hJpimedium datum.                      Betula Bhojputra.
JSmodi.                     Alnus nitida*
Juniperus recurva.
Pyrus v&riolosa.
Kashmir aflBords several instances, already mentioned, of
anomalous distribution, instanced by the absence of Andro-
itteda ovalifolia and Rhododendron arboreum; and of oaks,, of
which five species occur in the adjacent provinces, namely,
Quercus Ilex, annulata, dilatata, incana, and semecarpifolia.
Also the appearance of Salvinia natans, of Euryale ferox, if
really wild, and Nelumbium spedosum, must be considered as
very singular, though the latter -is found considerably further
north, on the shores of the Caspian. The bullace, Prumts
insititia, has been found nowhere else iit a wild state, except
indeed it be a variety of P. spinqsa. We believe ajso that the
cherry is truly wild in the valley, and it is abundantly culti-
vated in orchards. The prevalence of these, with Planes,
Lombardy Poplars, Walnuts, 1h>rbm& vulgaris, Colchicum,
Ovufayii* Qjeyacmthu, Aetaa tpicalu, Thalictrwn, minw, M~
Maria qfficiuttlis, and the great majority of the plants men-